Two Britons arrested for series of hotel thefts

National Police, in collaboration with the Citizen Security Brigade and various hotels in south Tenerife, have arrested two british citizens – 48-year-old Robert C.D. and 41-year-old Artiste L.C. – for a series of burglaries from hotel rooms. Jewellery to the value of €20,000 was seized in the operation, as were various implements for breaking and entering. Much of the jewellery stolen had already been sold in “compra de oro” shops, dedicated to the legal purchase of such items.

The arrests came as part of the police operation codenamed ‘Operación Chincheta’, the result of huge concern among the hotels in south Tenerife. The two under arrest are said to have passed themselves off as tourists in order to carry out their thefts. They are now being processed by the relevant judicial authorities.

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