Two cases of meningitis in Arona area

A 9-year-old Valle San Lorenzo girl is in intensive care in Candelaria Hospital at the moment with meningitis, and another was diagnosed with the same on Tuesday night, though she has now been able to be released. This is viral meningitis, thankfully the least severe type which usually clears up with only specifically symptomatic treatment being necessary – it is bacterial meningitis that is the really dangerous form. Nonetheless, complications can arise with viral meningitis and it is worth keeping an eye out for any possible symptoms and taking children to a hospital immediately if there is any suspicion of infection.

As AquíSur says in its own article, we are not reporting this to cause panic, and are trying to be as little alarmist as possible. It is essential, however, to alert the public, particularly anyone with children in towns like Valle San Lorenzo. Early detection is key to avoiding  complications, and initial symptoms are similar to flu, with headache, vomiting, sleepiness, fever, etc. In the case of any doubt, go to a doctor as soon as possible. Please see HERE for any further information on meningitis.

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