Two dead as car overturns on TF66 Valle San Lorenzo to Las Galletas road

Update 20 June: Police have not yet confirmed the stories, but it is now widely understood that the car involved in yesterday’s fatal crash on the Guaza road Malpaso area had been stolen, and that its occupants were fleeing the Guardia Civil after failing to stop at a checkpoint. It appears that the driver was “well known to police” in south Tenerife for a series of burglaries and copper thefts (HERE is one such report from March, for example). Seemingly he was a 33-year-old Guargacho man known as El Araña (the spider) after a tattoo on his head. Formally, he has been identified as Camilo R.M., and the dead woman was his 40-year-old wife, Gema M.C. The third man, who appears to have been thrown clear of the car in the accident, has been identified as José Francisco M.G.

Original post 19 June: A man and woman are confirmed dead this afternoon, and another man is in Hospitén Sur with slight injuries after a car left the TF66 and overturned around 4.30pm. This is the the road that goes from Valle San Lorenzo through Buzanada, Guaza and El Fraile to Las Galletas. Further details will be forthcoming, certainly, but at present it is known that they were trapped in the vehicle and needed to be cut out, and that a helicopter, ambulances, bomberos, Guardia Civil and Policía Local were involved in the incident.

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