Two dead in family tragedy in Gran Canaria

A terrible situation that developed last night in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, left an 85-year-old woman dead after being stabbed in the chest and her supposed killer, her 50-year-old son who is thought to have had a previous criminal record, killed as a result by his teenage nephew who was also the woman’s grandson. The nineteen-year-old man, with several cuts to his body, is now in hospital under police guard as the events that led to the two deaths are investigated.

The news comes on the day that twelve departments of Adeje Ayuntamiento have received purple points after staff received specialist training to help victims of domestic violence who are seeking help. The Canarian Government has in fact started calling such killings femicide, rather than violencia de genero, an indication that they are shifting their perspective to harden their stance against men who kill women. Indeed, it is a recognition that even though some women are violent to some men, the overwhelming majority of serious cases are of violence against women by men, and fatalities are virtually if not actually always female victims of a male attack.

Please see HERE for information and pointers for help of anyone in a situation where they feel threatened or abused, and do remember that violence is not just defined physically. Ridiculing someone, mocking them, verbally abusing them, gaslighting, it’s all covered by the law, and women have legal protection against their abusers. Please don’t suffer in silence. Get help. And in an emergency, get out of the situation if you can, and call 112.