Air and sea searches discontinued amidst doubt of third victim of Puerto Santiago rock pool tragedy

Photo: 112 Canarias

Updated 3 April: Salvamento Marítimo has confirmed that the decision to suspend the search and rescue operation was taken in light of the absence of concrete evidence that a third person was missing, and the fact that no-one has been reported as missing. This is not a confirmation that there were only two casualties, but that there is not clear evidence of a third victim despite witness statements that three people were indeed swept away. The Coastguard has asked shipping to advise the authorities in the event that a body is spotted.

Updated 4.30pm: Air and sea searches are being discontinued this afternoon, leaving land teams searching the coastline, sadly without result at this point.

Photo: Cheryl LaMontagne

Updated 30 March: The search resumed by land, sea, and air this morning at first light for the other(s) who are presumed missing after a high swell washed at least two people out of a natural rock pool in Puerto Santiago. The bodies of two people who drowned were recovered, but the search was called off as darkness fell.

Photo: Cheryl LaMontagne

Updated 10pm: Emergency services have called off the search tonight for the missing bathers, thought to be two people. Air and sea resources will resume at first light. The Policía Local and Guardia Civil will be keeping a police point on land at the site.

Original post 29 March: Emergency services say that three or four people were swept into the sea by a wave while they were bathing in rock pools in an area known as Las Bajas, in front of the Barceló hotel in Puerto Santiago, around 5.30pm this afternoon. Helicopters, paramedics and police were all involved in the attempted rescue, but sadly two have died, a 35-year-old local man and a 60-year-old female tourist. Information is still coming in about the two who died, as well as the others who were swept away, and for whom the search continues.


  1. Rescue continues as the helicopter has been over us for hours this morning. The families are in my prayers as they grieve for the two people recovered from the sea and wait for news of the other body(s) still to be found.

  2. So tragic. Can’t imagine how the families must feel and also those who watched the tragedy unfold.
    I love swimming in the pool when I visit he area each September.

  3. Aparently the gate was open and a woman was sunbathing there.the gallegan guy went to tell her it was too dangerous and both were swept italian guy jumped to their rescue.
    The gate and area have to be under supervision during the winter months,proper info at the entrance,and rescue steps a bit further have to be built-years ago there were some below the hotel.

  4. Thoughts and prayers are with the victims, their families and the rescue teams. Such a tragedy in such a beautiful place it is so sad.

  5. Walked to Oasis yesterday afternoon along the coast. Watched bathers in that pool enjoying themselves. Just a short time later, sitting at Oasis we were drenched by the massive waves coming over the rocks. Saw the rescue as we walked back. Terrible sight as the rescue services brought up two bodies. So tragic.

  6. The helicopter returned this morning at first light to search for the two missing people. Tragically, after all this time, hope must be fading. Can’t imagine what their relatives and friends are going through at this time.

  7. Watched the rescue attempt from my balcony at barcelo, the waves came in so quickly almost like a tsunami, frightening. My son and I feel so sad tonight looking out over the ocean with the knowledge these poor people are out there.
    Love to the families who must be breaking their hearts tonight.

  8. From our house we saw the helicopters and the rescue boats searching the sea for the missing people. We spent a couple of hours until it got dark looking through our powerful binoculars in a vain attempt to spot the poor souls. The crews of the helicopters and the boats were clearly searching very thoroughly to find the poor people. Such a very sad outcome. Ironic that we should have such a beautiful sunset on this saddest of nights.

  9. Prayers for those who lost their lives and for their loved ones. X

  10. So terribly sad. We watched the rescue services trying so hard to find the two missing. Praying for the families.

  11. Its not the first time that people have lost their lives swimming in the Rock pool. I ask the local authorities to use common sense and break the wall to stop people using this area. The amount of deaths do not warrant risking another life

  12. Been watching the two helicopters searching from my terrace,The beach of Playa Chico had the red flag flying all day as the tide is high and the sea swell is so strong, The sun has set now and it looks as if the search has been either suspended or called off, , so sad

  13. We’ve watched the rescue from our window. Two people dead. A man and woman ,and they are still searching.

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