Two die in head-on collision on TF1

Update 31 August: The driver who caused the fatal crash has been named as San Isidro man Dani Bermudez. Although the investigation remains open as to why he was driving the wrong way, police say that they have discounted human error. They are searching his phone for calls, and text and WhatsApp messages to see if there is any evidence to support their hypothesis of a bet gone tragically wrong.

Update 30 August: Police say that although the investigation is still ongoing, they are considering the possibility that the crash was the result of a bet: at least, they say, it appears not to have been a suicide attempt because the 39-year-old driver went the wrong way from Radazul to the TF4, some 6 km, weaving in and out of traffic in an Audi sports car, clearly trying to avoid crashing. His victim was driving a Citröen C3, and although not yet identified, is said now to have been a 62-year-old who had tragically already lost two close family members to road traffic accidents.

Original post 29 August: Two drivers died shortly before 8am in a head-on collision on the TF1 near the junction with the TF4. Various cars had previously been involved in a pile-up when the driver, described as a kamikaze, was going the wrong way near Radazul, heading towards Santa Cruz on the south-bound carriageway. None were injured, however, but a bit further on, a frontal collision killed both the driver and a motorist who was unable to avoid him. All that is known at present is that one of the is a 39-year-old man; there are no details of the other driver.

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