Two injured in kite-surf accident in El Médano

A man has been seriously injured in a multiple kite-surf accident in El Médano. The accident happened on Playa Los Balos just after midday, and emergency services report several phone calls requesting assistance. Paramedics found a 30-year-old man with serious head injuries who was transferred by helicopter to Los Rodeos airport, from where he was taken by ambulance to Candelaria Hospital. Another man, 37 years of age, was was less seriously injured, but was still taken to Hospitén Sur with head injuries.


  1. I windsurf and am always aware about keeping a safe distance from kitesurfers on the beach when they are coming in to land and launching. I would advise people not to walk along the kitesurf beach in El Medano when it’s busy and very windy and certainly don’t hang around sunbathing there..!

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