Two lucky drivers walk away from overturned cars with just minor injuries

Two drivers are no doubt thanking their lucky stars this morning after overturning their cars in Tenerife yesterday, and walking away with barely a scratch! One accident occurred at 7pm on the TF4, the spur motorway from the TF1 to the auditorium, and the 42-year-old driver was transferred to Candelaria hospital, and he was found to have suffered no more than minor cuts and bruises.

The other incident involved a 27-year-old woman who was trapped in her car for some hours last night after it overturned around midnight near La Caleta on the Costa Adeje. She had to be cut free of her vehicle by bomberos, and was then transferred to Hospiten Sur, but again was said not to be in a serious condition, and like the first driver, to have suffered no more than minor cuts and bruises.

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