Belgian developer Los Menceyes buys Playa San Juan plot for luxury compound including two hotels, apartments and leisure facilities to complete Guía de Isora’s coastline as Tenerife’s Costa de Lujo

Photo: Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento.

Posted by Mencey. The Belgian company Menceyes (no connection with me, unfortunately) has announced that they are investing €100 million to construct a 150,000 m2 (nearly 400 acres) compound on the Guía de Isora coast comprising two hotels, apartments and utility buildings to the side of Playa San Juan. The plot has already been purchased and construction will start before the end of this year, coming into operation in 2023. The company is perhaps especially known for their up-market high quality developments like the Playa and Bahía de los Menceyes complexes in Palm Mar and so the key word with their promotions is luxury.

As Janet wrote in her article HERE, “we need tourism as a major component of our income but the days of talking the talk and taking the easy money are over. Tourism for one thing has to change, and in one particular way: an end to mass tourism. We can no longer take the stance that at some point we will go upmarket. Up, down or sideways is immaterial now because what it must be is sustainable. Mass tourism can’t be just tolerated any longer but must be wholly opposed.”

At least this compound will be self contained and therefore sustainable with more than just tourism facilities, offering living accommodation, leisure facilities, and most importantly jobs over the next two years during construction as well as ongoing employment in the Guía de Isora area. This already has the Ritz Carlton Abama to one side of Playa San Juan and the Gran Meliá Palacio de Isora in Alcalá, and so the municipality’s coast is set to become the Costa de Lujo de Tenerife. In its own way this feeds very well into sustainability because the compound with its two hotels will inevitably limit other tourism, that which the Government has denoted “low quality” and which the planet can no longer afford.