Two men injured, one fatally, in falls in north Tenerife

Police are investigating the discovery of a 35-year-old man with serious head injuries in Santa Úrsula in the early hours of this morning. The man was found unconscious on the street. He was transferred by ambulance to Hospital Universitario de Canarias where he remains in critical condition.

Meanwhile, also in north Tenerife, a strange story from Puerto de la Cruz, where police are investigating the fall of a man said to be a foreigner identified as M.W.B., who was found in critical condition after falling five floors into an interior patio. The incident began on Sunday night when police received a call from a man reporting that his wife had just phoned to say that she was frightened by a nude man ringing her doorbell repeatedly in the Martiánez building in Avda Cristóbal Colón. She had not opened the door, she said, and her husband immediately telephoned the police requesting them to visit the address. Police discovered the fallen man, naked as reported, and his rented apartment in the building was wrecked. He too was transferred to Hospital Universitario de Canarias (HUC) where, sadly, he subsequently died.

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