Another palm tree falls in Playa de las Américas

And it’s happened again, and in Playa de las Américas once more.

This time it was on the Paseo de Las Américas near the Commercial Centres, at around 3.30 this afternoon. A male foreigner of 50 was taken to Hospiten Sur with serious multiple injuries. Clearly, with the high winds, any such falls are more likely. C24H

Originally posted 16 December 2009: Only two months after a tourist died from being struck by a falling palm tree (as posted HERE), another two trees fell over the weekend in the same area of Playa de las Américas. Arona Policía Local has now commissioned an exhaustive report on all palms in the municipality to avoid any further tragedies. One of the trees fell on the Andrade Fumero pedestrian walkway, while the other split in half near a kiosk in Parque Santiago 3. Thankfully on these two latest occasions, no-one was injured. El Dia


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