Thirteen more patera occupants arrive on west coast of Tenerife

Photo: Santiago del Teide Ayuntamiento.

Yesterday, Playa Troya 1 in the Costa Adeje was closed because a patera had arrived with immigrants on board: they had to be medically assessed, covid tested, and then processed with the beach being cleaned and disinfected according to protocols in place for covid19. I explained HERE that due to the increased number of pateras arriving at the Canaries this year, not so many in Tenerife but mainly in the eastern islands, the Canarian Government is in discussions about whether to count covid cases identified among occupants of pateras arriving here.

Their fears for the islands’ future in the New Normal given the increasing numbers of active cases from positive test results especally in immigrants won’t be helped by another 13 immigrants arriving today, within 24 hours of the last, and on the same coastline. This morning around 6am, Playa Chica, a little beach in Puerto Santiago, near Los Gigantes, was the landing point for a patera, and again police and medical staff, along with Cruz Roja, are attending to the arrivals according to immigration and health protocols. All are adult males and appear to be in good health.

Emergency Services say that two pateras arrived but the images only show one and Santiago del Teide Ayuntamiento have said that there was just one craft with 13 occupants. As yesterday in Playa Troya, Playa Chica is now closed and will be cleaned and disinfected according to covid19 protocols.    

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