Two new “illegal letting” pages

Since there is now much wider awareness of the illegal letting situation here in the Canaries, and since the whole situation is not only very complex, but my posts on the subject are spread out over the website for more than 18 months, I’ve added two new pages which I hope will help.

If you look under the Owning Property tab at the top of the page you will see one of the new pages is entitled “Illegal Letting in the Canaries”. This is an easy reference to all the posts (I hope!) I’ve made on the subject since December 2010. They’re there with links, and dates, and in reverse chronological order. I’ve also included links to the three discussion pages which were so valued – and so helpful to me to collate a good range of opinions to present to the lawyers to present, in turn, to Turismo.

The other new page is Q&A on illegal letting. As I say on that page, it’s for questions people may have about the illegal letting situation – either because they’re new to the topic, or because they (quite understandably) find it hopelessly confusing. I would appreciate it if the Q&A page could be kept in the main for general questions rather than specific ones – though I know these things tend to evolve …

I hope this is helpful.

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  1. Janet, you have put in so much thought and hours of hard work on this subject.
    This latest addition to your site is most helpful, as indeed, it is a very confusing situation and we can now direct owners who are are unaware of the complexity to a place where they can research the problem if they wish.
    Sincere thanks, all your work is so appreciated.

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