Two-police force chase ends with British man arrested for attempted robbery, drunk driving and reckless driving

Police say that a 28-year-old British man identified as S.M. was arrested in the early hours of this morning for attempted robbery, drunk driving and reckless driving.The man had covered his face with a black scarf and had threatened an employee of a fast food restaurant with a knife in a hold-up in Playa de las Americas. The victim fought back and received a facial injury in the process. Thankfully, a couple of Arona Policía Local officers were nearby in Avda. Arqutecto Gómez Cuesta outside the Hotel Gala, and they originally thought that they were attending a simple brawl.

The British man had no documents on him and the police took him to his hired Nissan Juke to copy the details, but he absconded when their attention was diverted to another fight nearby. He was found some 45 minutes later, however, driving at speed towards the very police who had apprehended him earlier, and ignoring their orders to stop the vehicle. After a chase through various streets along the Costa Adeje, with the National Police joining the pursuit, he was finally cornered in Avda. Austria, San Eugenio, where the car had crashed into a building and come to a stop of its own accord. His breath tests were positive. 


  1. A bit embarrassing for the police as well, to have let him abscond!

  2. English ?! How embarrassing What A godsend he didn’t kill anyone when driving! X. ?

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