Two women, one an elderly Briton, stabbed in stomach in Los Cristianos street

Two women, one of them a British 70-year-old, were stabbed in the stomach last evening in Los Cristianos. Emergency services say that they were called out around 9.30pm with reports that a brawl had started between various individuals in Avenida Amsterdam, the road running from the Apolo Centre past the Tenerife and Cristian Sur complexes to the Mongolian restaurant and on past the side of El Mirador to the Playa Graciosas to Parque Tropical, and that the women had both been injured and sought refuge in a nearby etsablishment. The second woman, 58 years old and from the Netherlands, also received stab wounds in her thigh and arm. Both women were transferred to Hospiten Sur and subsequently transferred to Candelaria Hospital where their conditions are said to be serious. The Policía Nacional is now investigating the incident, including how injuries came to be sustained, and are obviously seeking the women’s assailant.


  1. Very concerned about the deterioration in safety of tourists in the Los Cristianos area in recent times. Muggings, stabbings and breakins are rife at the moment and nothing seems to be getting done about it by the local Police, Mayor of Arona or the Judiciary. We have been regular visitors as are our family over many years but won’t be coming this May/June or for the winter months as we feel the place is unsafe. If the authority wants to retain it’s tourist trade then it’s time for action or are they waiting for another murder to take place. There are other holiday choices in the world so wake up Arona. To start with get rid of the squatters in the buildings on the seafront near the market and those on the barranco near Calle Amsterdam, that could be a good place to start from a tourist and residents of Grasciosa point of view.

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      If there had been, I would have posted it, of course!

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