Two women suffer cardiac arrests in same Playa de las Américas pool at same time

Two women are in serious condition after nearly drowning in a swimming pool at an apartment complex in Playa de las Américas this lunchtime. Emergency services were called shortly after 1.30pm with reports of the double near drowning, and arrived to find two women, one 55-years-old and the other of 60, both in cardiac arrest. After resuscitating and stabilizing them at the scene, the younger one was transferred to Hospitén Sur, while the 60-year-old was taken to Hospital Quirón Costa Adeje.



  1. Thanks for your response Janet, we will keep our fingers crossed that you are right and we hear nothing more.

  2. My husband and I were involved with this incident and wonder if anyone knows the outcome, whether the ladies survived or not? Any info would be much appreciated.

    1. Author

      There has been no further news from emergency services or hospitals, and this is nearly always a good sign that that the victim recovered … it really is a case, normally, of no news is good news!

  3. Best wishes to both ladies…..hope you both make a full recovery. xxxx

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