UK and Spain encourage British nationals with green EU resident registration document (Registro) to exchange for the third-country alternative (TIE)

I’ve suggested before that although no-one has to exchange their Registro for the new TIE (that is a right guaranteed under the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement), the authorities would gradually make it increasingly awkward not to do so. One can understand the reasons easily enough: the Registro is a document for EU nationals which, technically, Brits were when they were issued with it but the UK is no longer an EU member state; and the TIE is an ID document which is perhaps preferable when they’re dealing with third-country nationals. And, perhaps above all, new British registrants are now only issued with a TIE because that is the established system for third-country nationals and getting all Brits transferred would contain the nationality within one cohesive and consistent policy.

I repeat, it is not a requirement, and the right to retain the Registro is guaranteed by the EU’s own co-signature of the Withdrawal Agreement … and since the EU signed it, EU member states like Spain are bound by it. Nonetheless the FCDO has issued this today:

Although it is not obligatory, both we and the Spanish authorities do now strongly encourage UK nationals who have a green certificate, to exchange this for a TIE. The process is:

1. Book a ‘cita previa’ (appointment) at:…/index.html
2. Select your ‘provincia’
3. Select: ‘trámites cuerpo nacional de policía’ (if it is possible to choose)
4. Select: ‘Policia Exp. Tarjeta Asociada al Acuerdo Y Retirada Ciudadanos Británicos y sus Familiares (Brexit)’
Documentation you will need to present:
1. Form EX23
2. Valid passport. If your passport has expired, you must provide a copy of your passport and the renewal application
3. Proof of payment of fees (Model 790. Code 012)
4. 1 photograph that meets the Spanish national identity document regulations.
The Spanish authorities have recently opened up more appointments in Alicante, Benidorm and Torrevieja.
More information on this process is available HERE