UK Government says nothing has changed about its travel advice despite false information going viral about travel to the Canaries

Following the usual response to the usual type of media reportage of British Government statements about travel, the whole of the UK now seems to think that the Canaries have already been removed from the no-fly advice and that they are already in a green list allowing travel. 

A few points …

  1. The reports are untrue, or rather they completely jump the gun because the UK is not announcing anything until (probably) Friday, a delay in announcing a decision that has still not been taken because the Government is rather preoccupied with council elections, a Hartlepool by-election, and the Scottish Parliamentary elections,
  2. even if they were true, it would be irrelevant because the UK Government isn’t allowing anyone out of the country until 17 May,
  3. even if they were letting people out before then, Spain won’t let you in until 31 May earliest.

 The FCDO has said this afternoon:

The UK has repeatedly said that it will re-allow non-essential international travel starting May 17 at the earliest. We will apply a country traffic light system. We will issue information to the public beforehand about how it will be done and which countries will be in which category. The recommendation not to travel to Spain excluding the Canary Islands is unchanged from October 2020. Traveling abroad from the UK is illegal except for essential reasons. Our travel recommendations are to help you to make informed decisions and plan safe trips. Spain for the moment maintains its restrictions on British travellers, and only allows entry to those who are resident in Spain or in exceptional cases of force majeure.

The UK is very likely to include the Canaries on its list of places that are OK to visit because it already does include it, and it’s likely to announce it on Friday but it might be another day. It’s all irrelevant anyway because the only questions are whether the UK will let you out, and whether Spain will let you in. At the moment, the answer is no in both cases whatever the British list ends up saying, and when the UK says you can leave, Spain will still be saying you can’t enter. To those who simply cannot wait, I’m afraid you have to, until both the UK and Spain say it’s OK for you to come.