UK introduces negative test requirement for arrivals from next week

The UK Government has announced today that passengers arriving from all international destinations from next week will have to present a negative covid test result no more than 72 hours old before setting off for the UK. Arrivals also have to present a passenger location form, and any arrival from a location with which the UK does not have an air corridor, currently the situation for the whole of Spain including the Canaries, must also go into isolation for 10 days: there is a five-day Test to release scheme with a further test in the UK, I understand, but the whole UK is currently under lockdown until March at least in any case. 

The UK’s announcement is HERE, and legislation will be published next week. At present, there is no further information, including about the type of test that will be required. Such detail will be in the legislation when it is published, as is the case with announcements here when we have to wait to see the detail in the BOC or BOE. At present, the announcement refers to the UK, is explicitly for those travelling to England, but is expected to apply to the whole of the UK with discussions going on right now between Westminster and regions/nations with devolved powers. 

All the information currently available is in this post or in the GovUK link, which itself has links to further official information. People need to read it rather than look at the headline and ask questions so I’m closing this to comments after the recent experience in reporting the test requirement for entry to Spain.