UK weather causes cancellations and delayed flights to and from Canarian airports

And it continues.

Around fifty UK and European flights were delayed by at least half an hour today because of the weather, the vast majority of them, 43 (26 departures and 17 arrivals), to and from TFS Reina Sofía.  Canarias24Horas

Originally posted 7 January: The bad weather in the UK has caused the cancellation of 18 flights to and from the Canaries, and delays of between six and ten hours in many others. AENA says that Lanzarote has been worst affected, since Thursday is the island’s busiest air traffic day, with six arrivals and six departures cancelled due to severe weather in London, Liverpool and Manchester. Thirty further flights suffered delays of several hours.

In Tenerife, airport business was largely unaffected, though two Easyjet flights were cancelled this morning in TFS Reina Sofia, and another four delayed by ten hours. AENA stressed that there were no problems with other destinations, even though the extreme wintry spell has also affected Central Europe and the Spanish mainland.  Canarias24Horas

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