Underpass to the TF1 solution for Los Cristianos’ ongoing traffic congestion

Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento.

Finally it seems there is a solution at hand for the appalling and increasing problems of connecting Los Cristianos and the TF1. The usual caveats apply, that this is election time when solutions are easier to find with the pressure of imminent polling, but everyone knows this is a problem that has to be resolved and it does appear that this will be the final remedy … however “eventually” that might be in reality.

Arona Ayuntamiento has announced that an agreement has been signed to reroute Chayofita Avenue traffic underground with a direct exit to the motorway. Mayor José Julián Mena and the Tenerife Cabildo’s Territorial Policy councillor Miguel Ángel Pérez have signed an agreement for the complete remodelling of the avenue from the municipal swimming pool to provide direct subterranean access for vehicles heading to Santa Cruz. This will take vehicles away from Avenida Juan Carlos I, and alleviate the horrendous traffic jams that plague the town on a daily basis. The plans will also create a large boulevard with a pedestrian walkway on which a new bus station and large municipal public park will be located.

The plans are expected to be approved by the final full Cabildo meeting before the elections on the 26th of this month. Mayor Mena himself said that “the rearrangement of the entire area will be a huge boost for Los Cristianos, not only for its image but also to provide a solution to its traffic problems, especially taking into account the increased traffic that will be created when the El Mojòn developments between the town and the motorway come into play.”

The mayor explained that “Los Cristianos will thus have a large underpass for traffic coming from the port and will also gain an important modern space to facilitate vehicular and pedestrian movement through the town. These are works that will complement the garden areas about to be completed in the Plan Partial El Mojón and the reform of the Paseo de Las Vistas.”


  1. In my experience most cyclists use the pavements !

  2. More chance of the North / South train line ,Mimiland in Guimar,the race track in Granadilla El majon hospital being fully finished etc,etc then this “idea ” ever happening!!

  3. Adrian, I am in my truck full of Pineapples from El Hierro just off the boat. How is a cycle lane going to get my produce to market? Not that I am against cycle lanes, it’s just that they will not solve the traffic problems. Perhaps a Park and Ride would help.

  4. I would think a network of cycle lanes would be a more sensible way to start, at a fraction of the cost.

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