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Update 5 January 2016: The figures for the end of 2015 show that last year ended with 247,529 unemployed in the Canaries, a fall of 1,110, -0.45%, from November, and a drop of 13,153, -5.05%, from December 2014. Despite the fall, however, nearly half of those out of work, 47.9%, were in receipt of no income whatsoever. In Spain nationally, the year ended with just over 4 million unemployed, a drop of 354,203 throughout the year, the third in which unemployment fell. I’ll start a new post for 2016 when January’s figures are released next month, and I’m sure everyone hopes that these falls continue, and particularly start to make a dent in the numbers without any resources at all.

Update 2 December 2015: The Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social’s unemployment figures for November show a rise of 1,477 in the numbers out of work in the Canaries, a growth of 0.60% compared with October. The one consolation, however slight, is that compared with this time last year, the numbers are down by 16,746, a fall of 6.31%, but this Christmas will see 248,639 people without work in these islands, more than half of whom are without any income whatsoever.

Nationally, the Spanish Government will be pleased that the last three months’ rises in unemployment have been reversed with a fall of 27,000: hardly cause for celebration, and there are still 4.15m out of work throughout Spain, but with a general election later this month, Spanish PM Rajoy will no doubt take any positive strokes that he can get.

Update 9 November: The latest figures show that unemployment rose by nearly 5,000 in the Canaries last month. October’s figures released by the Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social show that 4,849 more people are out of work compared with September, in perhaps large part because summer contracts had ended. The jump of 2% leaves 247,162 out of work in the islands. Compared with October 2014, however, the trend is downwards, with 18,629 fewer out of work this October, a drop of 7.01%.

Update 2 October: The Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social has released September’s unemployment figures and again they show a drop for the Canaries, with 336 fewer out of work (-0.14%) compared with August, and in interannual terms, 24,324 fewer than September 2014 (-9.12%). There are now 242,313 registered unemployed in these islands.

Although the figures have gone down for the region, the situation is slightly more complicated at provincial level, with the western province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife seeing a drop of 462 (-0.41%), compared with a rise in unemployment in the eastern Las Palmas province of 126 (+0.10%).

Nationally, unemployment rose again in September, up 26,087 (0.64%), the second consecutive monthly rise. There are now 4,094,042 registered unemployed in Spain, 19,720 more than in September 2014, and 25,572 more than in September 2013. Madrid says that September always sees a rise in unemployment because of the end of summer contracts, but the year-on-year rises will not please them given their talk of a national economic recovery, and the announcement of the Spanish general election on 20 December.

Update 2 September: August’s figures show a further drop in unemployment in the Canaries. The latest analysis issued by the Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social shows that the number of people registered as unemployed last month in these islands fell by 1,257 from July, down 0.52%. In interannual terms, the figures for the out of work dropped by 24,019, down 9.01% compared with August 2014. There are now 242,649 registered unemployed in the Canaries.

Nationally, despite Spain’s “recovery”, and despite PM Rajoy recently saying that Spain relished being called the Germany of south Europe (though no-one could find anyone who actually had called Spain the Germany of south Europe), unemployment rose by 21,679 to reach 4,067,955. The rise is nearly three times that of August 2014.

As we have seen all too tragically here in the Canaries lately, however, although numbers have fallen consistently over the last several months, helped in no small part by temporary seasonal contracts, more than half the unemployed are without any income whatsoever, and despite arguments, no doubt accurate, that some are working below the radar, many are in desperate straits.

Update 4 August: Unemployment in the Canaries continued its fall with 4,317 fewer people out of work last month, a drop of 1.74% on June, according to figures released by the Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social. Compared with July 2014, it has fallen 24,516, 9.13%, leaving 243,906 out of work in the Canaries. Unemployment also fell nationally as a whole for the sixth consecutive month leaving 4,046,276 unemployed in Spain.

Update 2 July: June’s unemployment figures released by the Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social show a further fall, with 3,718 fewer out of work in the Canaries, a drop of 1.48%. Interannually, there are 21,836 fewer registered unemployed, down 8.09% compared with June 2014. There are now 248,223 unemployed in the Canaries. Nationally, Spain’s unemployment fell by 94.727, down 2.25% on May, leaving 4,120,304 out of work throughout the country as a whole.

Update 2 June: May’s unemployment figures show a drop over the previous month of 2,075, a fall of 0.82% in the numbers out of work. Interannually, the figures have fallen 22,471 compared with May 2014, down 8.19%. There are now 251,941 unemployed in the Canaries, according to figures released today by the Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social. Between the two provinces in the Canaries, Tenerife is faring slightly better with 116,810 out of work compared with 135,131 in Las Palmas. Nationally, unemployment is at 4,215,031, falling by 117,985 last month, the fourth consecutive month with falling figures, and the biggest May drop since records began.

Update 5 May: Official figures show that unemployment fell 1.10% in the Canaries in April, leaving 2,835 fewer out of work. In interannual terms, it fell 8.23%, 22,770 fewer than in April 2014. There are now 254,016 people registered as unemployed in the islands.

Update 6 April: The numbers of unemployed in the Canaries fell by 1,836 at the end of March, down 0.71%, leaving 256,851 registered out of work in the islands, according to figures released by the Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social. In interannual terms, there is a fall of 20,647 compared with March 2014, down 7.44%. The longer-term unemployed have not benefited, however, with 51.3% remaining out of work and without any welfare benefit. Nationally, unemployment fell by 60,214 in March to a total of 4,451,939, a drop representing the best March since 2002.

Update 3 March: February’s unemployment figures for the Canaries from the Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social show a drop of 1,056, or 0.41% compared with January. In interannual terms, they reflect a fall of 16,864, or 6.12%, compared with February 2014, in the numbers out of work, There are now 258,687 registered unemployed in the islands, of whom 134,371, or 51.7%, receive no welfare assistance of any sort.

Update 3 February: There was a bit of good news about unemployment with the publication today of the figures for the first month of 2015 by the Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social. The numbers out of work in the Canaries in January fell by 939, some 0.36% compared  with December 2014, and in interannual terms, the drop compared with January last year is 16,291, a fall of 5.9%. The figures show that there are 259,743 people out of work throughout the islands, 137,837 in the eastern province of Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, and 121,906 in the west, comprising Tenerife, La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro. The Canaries is one of just three autonomous communities in Spain where unemployment fell: Extremadura saw a drop of 1,113 out of work, the Canaries with 939, and the Balearic Islands with 494.

Original post 5 January: Canarian unemployment figures released today for December 2014 show a fall of 4,703 compared with November, a drop of 1.77%. In internanuual terms, there were 13,371 (4.88%) fewer out of work this December than in December 2013. There are now 260,682 registered as unemployed in the islands. This is good news, of course, but balanced by the fact that over half, specifically 51.2%, are now in receipt of no welfare support whatsoever.  Nationally, the number out of work throughout Spain fell by 253,627 compared with December 2013, a drop of 5.39% which is the largest interannual fall since 1998. There are now 4,447,711 registered unemployed in the country.

I’ve pruned this post to make it more manageable on the home page. Previous posts now titled “Unemployment figures 2013-14” are HERE.

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