Unholy Days, an “unputdownable thriller” about Tenerife

I’ve added another book to the Literary Tenerife page HERE, Unholy Days, a thriller about a Tenerife mayor’s attempts to regain a fortune lost centuries earlier, attempts which involve the criminal underworld, disappearances, and bodies turning up in various parts of the island.

Who really runs this island and who will gain the elusive map that locates the Mexican silver from the days of the conquistadors? As the situation gets ever more complicated, this unputdownable thriller progresses with breathtaking suspense.

The author, Jason Lee, is Professor of Culture and Creative Writing at De Montfort University, Leicester, and has written fifteen books. His work has been translated into 12 languages, and he has known Tenerife well since 1984. Unholy Days is published by Roman Books, and is available from Amazon and Waterstones, details and links HERE.
unholy days

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