Unique school opens in Tenerife

Today saw the opening of a very special school in Tenerife. Synergy is an education and sports facility based in Chayofa that offers a flexible British-based curriculum which supports young athletes and allows them the time they need to train and to achieve excellent academic results.

The school is affiliated to the Tenerife Tennis Academy, and Principal Kris Gray says that his vision has always been to blend tennis and academic study. “I believe that Synergy offers that unique environment; one that supports the training programme of young athletes whilst ensuring that the focus on academic progress remains rigorous and challenging” he says. “Our students want to be World Class Players and our school wants to be recognised as a World Class Education provider that offers a complete support system to players and parents who believe in doing things differently.”

Synergy School’s opening this morning was attended by members of the Board of Governors, who saw Principal Kris Gray joined by Education Director Liz Page to welcome the school’s pupils to their first educational session. And this is education with a difference. These children will learn in a fully technological and personally tailored way … gone are form years, and classrooms, replaced by computers and inspirational educational programmes in a relaxed but disciplined open structure. This is the school, and education, of the future, and in Synergy, it offers a perfect environment for children to learn in their own way and at their own pace: those who can storm ahead will be able to do so, and those who need extra educational support will receive it.

And all the time, their passion for sport will be fed both figuratively and literally with sport-specific physical training and individually designed nutrition. The school’s philosophy is summed up with three words: Vision – Passion – Dedication. Tenerife has proved with Tenerife Top Training that it can do this really well, and Synergy is now available to take that application back to the earliest schooldays and produce tennis champions of the future with an education to match. And this is just Day 1 for Synergy, with the school already looking ahead to developing programmes apart from tennis for other youngsters with their own passions and gifts.

Kris Gray
Kris Gray introducing Synergy School to the new pupils with an inspiring talk about Vision, Passion and Dedication
Liz Page
Liz Page starts the first educational session with an introduction to the school’s online systems and safety


  1. Are they looking for staff

    1. Author

      i’m not aware that they are, but you can contact them direct to ask … their website is in a link on the word Synergy in the first line.

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