Unprecedented public response to assist the Guardia Civil inquiry into Los Gigantes tragedy

Given the unprecedented response to the inquiry, the Guardia Civil has made available an email address and dedicated phoneline for anyone who was on the beach in Los Gigantes on Sunday and who has anything to contribute to the inquiry. They are colaboratenerife@guardiacivil.org and 062.  La Opinion

Original Post 5 November: Santa Cruz has said that there has been an unprecedented response to the Guardia Civil inquiry into the Los Gigantes tragedy (post 1.11.09). The investigation concerns whether any offence might be purely administrative, or actively criminal, and never before, it seems, have so many people voluntarily offered to give evidence to a police investigation, ringing the Guardia Civil to offer their accounts of what the beach was like both before and after the landslide on the day of the disaster, as well as prior to that.

It seems that many are doing so from a sense of outrage that so little was done locally, and that what was done was patently ineffective at the time. The tide of opinion does seem to be turning against Mayor Gorrín (above), with Santa Cruz, in fact, flatly contradicting his version of events, and insisting that the application for works submitted by the council a fortnight ago was not rejected at all, but that the Dept of Costas had made immediate suggestions that the initially fuzzy detail was clarified. It was apparently not even clear from the Council’s application whether works were intended to be carried out on the beach or the cliffs. Costas also insisted that any work must be done by specialists, and not council workers, and provided contact details for just such a geological specialist.

In a statement that will not make Sr Gorrín feel any more confident, Santa Cruz insisted that beach security is a matter clearly under Ayuntamiento jurisdiction, and the Mayor’s discomfort is perhaps evident from his office’s statement that he is composing his response, but that the three days of mourning announced by the Council have prevented him from doing so immediately.  La Opinion


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