Unprepared elderly Belgian couple airlifted to HUC from Teide suffering from hypothermia

A Belgian couple in their seventies was rescued from the Teide National Park after becoming lost while walking yesterday eveing. The Guardia Civil and park authorities say that the couple were found around 3.30am suffering with hypothermia, not having had clothing or footwear adequate for the temperatures on Teide at this time of year, which last night dipped below 1ºC. Guardia Civil rescuers took them to the refuge and provided warm clothing, and they were then airlifted to University Hospital (HUC) by Mountain Rescue helicopter at first light, just after 7am. The Guardia Civil has just issued this video of the couple being found in the middle of the night.


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  1. The elderly couple were my aunt and uncle. They were not lost. My aunt suffered from a cardiac stroke (which caused vomiting, dizziness, nausea,….) but they only found out in hospital. That’s why they didn’t make it down before dark. My uncle tried to call the emergency number but he couldn’t give them their exact location. I am happy they were found in time… .

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