Unsettled spell could bring wind and rain from tomorrow

Graphic: Aemet.

Met Office Aemet is forecasting some unsettled weather from this weekend. They’re not expecting a storm, but a depresssion approaching the Canaries from the west should bring some high winds and some rain, heavy at times, to the western islands from tomorrow. Aemet says the front could last until Wednesday or so. As always these forecasts tend to develop as the details become clearer, so there will be updates on this, I’m sure.


  1. In general the forecasting here is pretty good as the weather is slower moving, but in the 23 years I have lived here the cloud has increased year on year and so has wind, moving to Cape Verde in October, much sunnier.

  2. Given the 20+ microclimates here the only way to go is to look outside, or check out a live webcam. The weather forecast is just that, a forecast, it’s often wrong.

  3. Yes like always, they look outside and adapt the prediction 😉

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