Unsettled weather possible as tropical storm starts to form south of Canaries

Update 7.05pm: A 26-year-old Belgian woman has been rescued after getting into serious difficulties in La Caleta, Costa Adeje. The incident, which occurred around 4.30pm,  is being described as a non-critical near drowning, and the woman is recovering at Hospitén Sur.

Update 7pm: And Arona police and emergency services are reporting the rescue of three bathers who needed helicopter rescue in the Montaña Amarilla area of the Costa del Silencio. Again they request the public to respect the conditions and stay away from the sea.

Update 26 August: As the above webcam still of Playa de las Vistas shows, the seas are rough at present, and coming inland: this afternoon the police have evacuated the beach. As forecast, the weather is becoming more unsettled and rainy squalls are possible – though no more than “possible” – on Wednesday and Thursday.

It’s the sea that’s making the weather front felt most, however, with the Avenida de San Andrés shut to traffic because all four lanes of the road are overwhelmed with seawater from the sea’s incursion. Also closed as of 3pm is the TF66 access to Las Galletas which is also affected by heavy waves, and various pedestrian pathways to the sea front are also cordoned off.

Although a tragic accident, it is quite likely that the state of the seas contributed to the death this morning of a woman who is said to have fallen into it from some rocks at Playa Paraiso. The authorities, ranging from meteorologists to police to Ayuntamientos to the Cabildo all beg the public to respect the power of the sea when it is in raging mode, as it is at present.

Image: Acanmet
Image: Acanmet

Original post 22 August: Social media has seen a few discussions over the last couple of days about the possible arrival of rains, and these are related to a severe storm recently in Morocco, in which a few people died, and which has been causing seriously unsettled weather to the south of the Canaries. Now, the Asociación Canaria de Meteorología (Acanmet) has announced the related weather system which could unfold over the next 120 hours, and released the above image showing the possible trajectories of the storm according to GFS models.

As Acanmet says, hurricanes are formed near Cape Verde and then start out across the Atlantic to reach central America and the southern US. Occasionally one forms further north – they are called Sudan-Saharan depressions – and this looks like being one of this type. It is possible that we will feel some effects of this in the form of somewhat unsettled weather with maybe some blustery breezes, and note the very high waves around the south of the Canaries at present. Most importantly, however, as Acanmet says, there is absolutely no chance of a hurricane here – I hope that’s not a Michael Fish moment! But there is just the chance that we will see the start of one forming near here.

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