Unstable weather front arriving this weekend

Image: Aemet
Image: Aemet

Update 8 March: There is still no absolutely clear forecast, but the consensus seems to be that the southwest borrasca will sweep around, bringing another cold snap down from the northwest. So, for tomorrow and Monday, colder, with the possibility of some quite heavy rain in parts, snow at higher ground over 1900m, particularly in the north.

Original post 6 March: A new weather front will be arriving over Saturday from the southwest. At the moment, meteorologists say, it’s difficult to know if it will just bring general  instability with some light rain, or whether it will develop into something nastier. They are monitoring the new borrasca and will no doubt advise in due course. Some rain on Sunday and Monday, however, does seem likely.

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  1. You can follow the wind /weather/ temp forecasts by using the site below .
    By clicking on EARTH you get into the functionality of the site and look at future patterns over next few days
    Clicking on an area magnifies it too soyou can home in on it


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