Urban art in Los Cristianos makes the town a bit more colourful

Photos: Arona Ayuntamiento.

Visitors to Los Cristianos might find one or two corners looking a bit brighter than usual because over the past week well-known artists Ro.Ro, Alba González, and Juan Carlos González have been leaving their mark on various parts of the town.

The colouring in of alleys and stairs in the town with images reflecting its diversity and seaside tourism aspects has been part of the ARN Festival Cultural Urbana, a LGTBIQ event promoted by the council which has seen various events held in Los Cristianos over the past ten or so days.

And so within the context of the event’s rainbow symbolism, the three artists have left the town too a bit more colourful than usual! The council says that it hopes the urban art will make Los Cristianos feel a bit livelier and promote the town’s commercial activities as well.

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