Urgent repair works underway on broken sewage pipe off Santiago del Teide coast

Photo: Santiago del Teide Ayuntamiento.

Over the past few months, repair works have been ongoing off the coast of Santiago del Teide to resolve a problem with an underwater outlet pipe. Municipality mayor Emilio Navarro has issued a statement today advising the public that the pipe had been damaged, probably caused by a large stone swept against the pipe by rough seas, resulting in treated sewage being ejected into coastal waters. At present, the mayor says, analysis of needed repairs and the works themselves are prevented by poor visibility and sea conditions, and for public health reasons urgent temporary works will be carried out to ensure the spill is carried away from the coastline.


  1. We had 4 lots of visitors between January and March and 3 of them got the the ‘sickness’ bug as did both my wife and I as well as several other residents/visitors.

    I reported it to the Town Hall and took pictures of the sludge floating on top of the sea. They appeared disinterested and almost unbelieving but completed some short form which I assume went into trash as soon as I left

    1. Author

      I’m not aware that this is ongoing though there are frequent spills around the coastline generally.

  2. I know of at least 6 people who have had a tummy upset over the last couple of weeks.

  3. Does the local authority carry out testing of the beach waters in the area for fecal contamination etc. and is this information recorded and publicly available ?

    1. Author

      yes indeed, all waters are tested by councils, and with varying frequency depending on circumstances. When there is a known problem, for example, testing is ramped up to, sometimes, twice a day. The individual water companies themselves also have to carry out checks, and these will depend on the specific policies in their areas – there are several water companies here. There is also an island Water Board under the auspices of the Cabildo which oversees water checks and quality inspections. For any enquiries, I’d always start with the local Ayuntamiento, but for more detail the Consejo Insular de Aguas will be the place: their website is HERE.

  4. Is anybody really doing anything about this problem that has been around for months and months. You can see the the pollution in the sea and it’s necessary for the problem to be sorted and or discussed. So many people have been ill over the last five weeks,

  5. That would make sense Andy … at least 3 residents (inc myself) in our small complex in LG have had this over the past week or so

  6. Perhaps this is why dozens and dozens of folk in Los Gigantes are suffering with sickness and diarrhoea following the storms which threw polluted sea water into the town

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