British holidaymakers arrested at airport as they try to flee Tenerife after trashing hotel room

I’ve argued many times that we cannot afford mass tourism for environmental reasons but we still need tourism in some form because it is a major plank of our economy. One form of tourism we do not need, however, is the type brought by two British louts who are now in rather serious trouble here. The pair, in their early 20s, were arrested at TFS as they tried to leave the island without paying the €2,000 they’d agreed to repay after police were called to investigate their trashing of their hotel room. Walls and furniture were victims of the vandalism, and even the TV was thrown from the balcony.

Evidently deciding to chance it, they were picked up at a National Police passport control point in the south airport before they were cleared for departure. They are now in custody and awaiting judicial processing. It would seem that since British citizens are now third country nationals whose passports are being checked, any police involvement during a holiday means such individuals are flagged and able to be intercepted. A warning for any non-EU national thinking of trying to get away surreptitiously if in any sort of trouble.

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  1. Thus further impacting the already ‘Annoyed British’ who still think they’re both welcome here and wanted here….. although ‘Wanted’ has double meaning of course!

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