Vandals attack Palm Mar gardens

Several months ago a large number of plants in front of the white bungalows opposite Terrazas de Faro in Palm Mar were destroyed in several incidents. The perpetrators were seen vandalising them – they were children who were subsequently brought to the owners by their parents and made to apologize.  Now, yet more plants have been vandalised, again in the same place, though this time the perpetrators are unknown.

Arona has recently been doing some serious work cleaning up the area around the old Urbis building at the main roundabout in Palm Mar, and it is such a shame to see intentional damage like this. Above is one established agave attenuata, also known as the swan’s neck agave. These plants only flower once, and the flowers are spectacular, with a long stem of blooms curving over like the swan’s neck which gives it its common name. This takes nearly ten years, and the residents who provided these photos say this plant was likely to flower next year. Below is what it’s like now, with its central bud completely destroyed.

Needless to say, locals are distressed, and beyond the distress, this is actually criminal damage. Anyone with any information should contact Arona Policia Local or the council’s environment department.

agave after

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  1. We need good external hidden cameras everywhere these days I think.

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