Ban lifted as water declared fit for consumption throughout whole of Granadilla

Update 12 August 5pm: The water has now been declared fit for consumption in the whole of the municipality. The ban has been lifted in all the high areas, including Chimiche, Las Vegas, Los Blanquitos and El Desierto, as well as Las Rosas, La Higuera and Cruz de las Ánimas. It had been lifted in Granadilla town centre itself the day before yesterday. C24H

Update 12 August:There is to be a residents’ protest in front of the Casas Consistoriales at midday tomorrow to denounce, apart from anything else, the attitude of the Ayuntamiento during this now week-long contaminated water situation.

The ban on domestic consumption is still in place in the seven affected areas of the municipality: Chimiche, Las Vegas, Las Rosas, La Higuera, El Desierto, Cruz de las Ánimas and Los Blanquitos.  El Dia

Update 11 August: The Ayuntamiento has lifted the ban in Granadilla town centre but it remains in place in the upland areas. Specifically, the ban remains until further notice in Chimiche, Las Vegas, Las Rosas, La Higuera, El Desierto, Cruz de las Ánimas and Los Blanquitos. Water tanks will be kept in place in the two Chimiche co-operatives, and in the plazas of Los Blanquitos and  El Desierto. C24H

Update 9 August: Granadilla Ayuntamiento says that water is still not fit for consumption in Chimiche, Las Vegas, Las Rosas, La Higuera, El Desierto, Cruz de las Ánimas, Los Blanquitos and a part of Granadilla town centre (they don’t say which part … ). In the affected zones they have placed 3,000 litre tanks of drinking water which will remain operative between 8am to midday and 6pm to 9pm today and tomorrow while analysis results are awaited. The council asked the public to be patient with these preventative measures, and said that it was proceeding to empty and clean water tanks. C24H

The Council’s website HERE says that tanks of drinking water have been placed at various points in the municipality, specifically the two cooperativas at Chimiche, El Desierto church square, and the squares of Los Blanquitos and El Calvario. All these will be available all the time, while there is one in the parking area of Los Hinojeros which will be open from 8am to midday, and 6-9pm.

Original post 8 August: Entemanser has warned that the public water supply in parts of Granadilla de Abona is not fit for consumption. The areas affected are Chimiche, Las Vegas, Las Rosas, La Higuera, Los Blanquitos, Cruz de las Ánimas, El Desierto, and the town centre of Granadilla itself. The water can be used for cleaning purpoess, but the levels of contamination of Clostridium perfringens detected are higher than permitted, and have resulted in a ban on the public using it for drinking or food preparation or cooking. Granadilla Ayuntamiento sources have said that they are working to ensure the water quality is restored as quickly as possible, and permission from Sanidad will depend on further analysis. Megaphones have been employed to inform locals. Further information is available from the helpline that Entemanser has set up: 902476064. DA


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