VI Imoque Festival in Plaza San Sebastián, La Caleta

Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento.

Adeje Ayuntamiento has announced the VI Imoque Festival will take place in La Caleta’s Plaza San Sebastián this Saturday 8 June. The festival will start at midday, and aims to underline the importance of Adeje’s cultural traits and traditions. The Imoque Cultural Association works hard to maintain and recover many older skills and local traditions, memories that have formed part of the borough’s ethnographic history, with processes and traits that are lost or are on the point of disappearing. This is an event that has consolidated the collective Adeje memory in a way that brings a modern public together each year.

During the day there will be a myriad things to do and see, including a craft fair, tasting of local produce, a demonstration of ‘salto del pastor’ (the shepherd’s leap), Gomeran music, folkore of La Graciosa, Canarian wrestling, an exhibition of different breeds of dogs, and lots more including live music from ‘Parranda los Toledo’ and the Imoque Cultural Association, itself supported by Adeje council, and dedicated to the recovery and preservation of local heritage and traditions.

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