VII Ruta Nocturna al Hermano Pedro, Saturday 3 September in El Médano

Update 30 August 2011: The VII Ruta Nocturna will take place this coming Saturday, 3 September. The walk will take around half an hour, and will leave from El Médano plaza at 9pm. There will be various performances, music, theatre, and surprises. Walkers will start back to El Médano at 11.30pm. Anyone who wants to take part can sign up in the El Médano tourist office, or call 922 176 002. PV

Original post 20 September 2010: The VI Ruta Nocturna al Hermano Pedro (night walk) will take place on Saturday, 25 September. The walk is from El Médano square to the “eres” of the saint next to his cave in the barranco de los Balos: the “eres” is a Guanche system of water collection now used by goatherds, and it has been chosen as this year’s destination of the Ruta Nocturna, as a symbol of the historical memory of Granadilla municipio.

The event has been organized by El Médano’s Fiesta Committee, and it is supported by Granadilla’s Concejalía de Cultura y Patrimonio. Anyone interested in joining in the walk, which should last around 35 to 40 minutes or so, should be at the plaza in El Médano before 9pm. After live music and performances of traditional sports at the shrine, there will then be a return walk to El Médano starting at around 11pm.

The mayoress of Granadilla, Carmen Nieves Gaspar Rivero, said all residents would be more than welcome to participate in the event, and stressed the religious, cultural, ethnographic and touristic benefits that such an event expressed. Those taking part are advised to bring a torch, and to wear trainers or walking shoes, and to bring something to eat and drink. Tinerguía


  1. TONIGHT (18th) or 25th September???? Can’t be both. Careful with the G&Ts.

  2. Author

    Good grief, I got my Saturdays completely mixed up! It’s next Saturday, definitely the 25th. I hope no-one went tonight …

  3. Very doubtful, Janet – it was full-on fiesta and fireworks so I don’t think anyone confused it :=) Also, next Saturday is almost a full moon.

  4. Author

    Thank goodness! Will be lovely doing that ruta in the full moon, and I’m minded to give it a go myself if I can face the drive back to the west coast afterwards as well.

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