Vicarious violence … when men kill their own children simply to hurt women

Spain has a new type of crime, sadly only in terms of its nomenclature. Pedro Sánchez, Spanish PM, gave it the name …  no longer Violencia Machista, Male Violence (against females) itself effectively a renaming of Violencia de Genero (gender violence) because it is routinely men who assault women and, in terms of fatal assaults, it’s virtually 100%. Now, however, we also have Violencia Vicaria, vicarious violence … a form of Violencia Machista where the children are hurt to hurt the mother. This must not be Olivia’s legacy but it must be one component of the way women can reclaim from men their right to life, and the life of their children.

As Sánchez said only today, Spain is living yet another black day through this sort of violence. Not only the discovery of Olivia’s body but another woman, Rocío, killed by her male partner. She was 17 years old, from the Seville area, and was murdered by her “ex-boyfriend” who presumably didn’t like the fact that she had a mind with which to reject him, something she clearly did for very good reason but tragic result as he has now confessed. The PM says that if you are a victim of domestic violence or know anyone who is, call 016 – for everyone’s sake!  Alternatively, call via WhatsApp – 600 000 016, or go to Or call the police on 091 (Nationals) or 062 (Guardia), and for psychological assistance have a look HERE.

Spain isn’t having any more of the “women are violent too” nonsense. Of course women can be violent. We are apes, and as a species we have a violent streak. But violence doesn’t always result in death. Male attacks on women in a domestic setting all too frequently do, and have done so 19 times already this year in Spain … Rocio’s death was the fourth in just June. The authorities think that as lockdown eases, women are increasingly trying to escape the hell in which their lives with their men have been lived … and the men are reacting in the only way in which they are apparently capable.

Going by past posts like this, which are sadly all too frequent because too many women are killed by their male partners, a strong negative reaction is normal … to which I say quod erat demonstrandum. Look it up if you’re angered by the designation but fail to understand language. If you’re angered by this, well join the club because I am angered by the number of men who think women are disposable recipients of the anger they are incapable of moderating.  Everyone else should be aware that violence does not have to be physical to be a crime. If you are threatened, belittled or scorned by a man, regardless of whether he uses his fists against you or your child, denounce him.

Please see HERE for further information on help available for women who are victims of such men.

Basta ya!