VII Subida a Guía de Isora delayed because of new law

Photo: Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento.

It’s around this time of year that Guía de Isora Ayuntamiento presents the Subida Guía de Isora, a motor race which normally takes place on the TF463 from Playa de San Juan to Guía de Isora, and which the organizers have sought to preinscribe into the Spanish mountain racing championships. This year, however, the race has been delayed while a solution is sought to new regulations this year from the Ministerio del Interior which ban road sports events on Sundays in the prime holiday months of July and August, regulations which conflict with the Subida’s format of racing on Saturday afternoon and evening, and Sunday morning.

Organizers are hopeful that the solution will also mean that the race will be able to be included in the national championships, but they are frustrated that everything was in place for this year’s race to take place over the last Saturday and Sunday of this month only to discovere the problem of the new law right at the point when they were anticipating official permission to be granted for the race to go ahead.

The President of Escudería Isora MotorSport, Dailo Rodríguez Álvarez, apologised to fans but said the law is the law and a solution now has to be found. The association had considered holding the entire Subida on the Saturday, but it is logistically impossible because of the numbers of vehicles and stages involved. A new date – perhaps in October or November – will be confirmed as soon possible, after discussions are concluded between the various organizations and federations.

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