Walk for Life 2013

Photo courtesy of Adeje Ayuntamiento
Photo courtesy of Adeje Ayuntamiento

Update 16 December: Organizers have said they are delighted to announce that some 2,000 people took part in yesterday’s Walk for Life, and that over €18,000 was raised for the Spanish Cancer Association and AMATE, the Association for Women Affected by Breast Cancer. These organizations will fund projects to help women suffering from this illness as well as research into treatments and the cause of breast cancer. Mayor Fraga of Adeje said “this pink wave also recognises the strength of those brave women who fight to survive on a daily basis, and must also serve to say a resounding NO to any cutbacks in social and health funding”.

“To Walk Is To Support” was the phrase chosen by event organizer Brigitte Gypen for this year’s event, as the walk is “a social event that is emotional and shows solidarity, taking place every year between the boroughs of Adeje and Arona to raise funds to fight the fight against breast cancer, and to underline, again, in this way, our total support for those who are fighting this illness”. All involved in the organization of the event were delighted with the outcome and thank all who took part.

Photo courtesy of Arona Ayuntamiento
Photo courtesy of Arona Ayuntamiento: Mayors Fraga of Adeje and Niño of Arona head the Walk for Life
Photo courtesy of Arona Ayuntamiento: Walk for Life 2013
Photo courtesy of Arona Ayuntamiento: Walk for Life 2013

Update 15 December: Photos from the Walk for Life 2013.

Update 13 December: Despite the recent weather, “the sun will shine on the Walk for Life”, said Brigitte Gypen, event organiser at a press conference to announce final details of this Sunday’s walk. Adeje mayor José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga said the event was hugely significant, and brought together a number of important factors: “There are three important elements here. Firstly solidarity for women who have cancer, letting them know they are not alone, that this can affect anyone. Secondly this is an event about unity, unifying us, Adeje and Arona, and events like this are important in developing the zone; unifying us in a humanitarian cause, and with global significance as this has a huge international dimension. Thirdly this is about calling attention to the health issue, to the importance of funding for cancer prevention and treatment, and that there must be no cuts in this funding”. Sr Fraga added that the walk on Sunday, the 9th time it has been held in Adeje, was a Fiesta of Commitment.

Brigitte Gypen said that this year they were hoping to increase the number of walkers – “last year there were 2,300 walkers and we raised €16,000. We hope to top that this year”, she said. Responding to a question she said that, as a breast cancer survivor, when she organised the first walk, nine years ago in Santa Cruz, she was surprised when almost 500 people turned up, but now, nine years on, was delighted at the numbers turning out every year.

The route for the walk this Sunday will start at the Congresos centre in Adeje (Magma Centre), take the road to the coast and walk along the sea-front to the Centro Comercial Nueva Mar, in front of Playa Las Vistas in Arona – almost five kilometres. The walk begins at 10.30, but organisers are asking people to turn up at least an hour beforehand to register (minimum donation of €3), pick up a t-shirt or cap, and join in the Zumba class organised as a warm-up before the walkers set off. All who register are also given a numbered ticket as there is a grand raffle at the end of the walk, with the top prize a ten-day cruise with Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, as well as other prizes.

Luke Towler, an Adeje School of Music student, will perform his own song Walk for Life, which he wrote for his mother, also a cancer survivor, and which has become the anthem of the event. A number of swimmers – up to 50 – will be doing a parallel swim at the same time. The organisers also announced that courtesy of Barrera Chinea there will be a bus for those who want to participate but might not be able to physically complete the route, and would also bring people back to the Magma centre after the event ended, so walkers could return to the cars. Participants will also be asked to take photographs with their cameras or phones during the walk and afterwards send them to an email (to be allocated) as next year, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the walk, a special calendar would be published using the photographs sent.

Original post 24 October: Last year, some 2,300 took part and raised €16,000 – see HERE for photos – and it will certainly be as well supported this year. This year’s Walk for Life in aid of the fight against breast cancer is on Sunday 15 December, and walkers will meet at 10.30 am at the Magma Centre to leave at 11am, and ending at Plaza Centro Comercial el Ma at Playa de las Vistas. This year, walkers are asked to help design the official T-shirt: please click through to Adeje’s website HERE to see the information and to participate in the design.


  1. Janet do they raise most of the money by sponsorship for the walkers in advance and do the walkers have to register to walk? Or is it more a case of anyone can do the walk and they collect on the way? Would have loved to have done this but not out until 21 Dec. I did my first Race for Life 5K run in the summer, supporting my mum who is fighting breast cancer at the moment.

  2. Author

    Yes, they register, but I believe it’s just at the start, not beforehand. As for the money raised, I can’t say, I’m afraid. I’m sure sponsorship will form a large part of it, though. Good luck with supporting your own mother’s fight … I have been through this vile disease with both mother and father. I wish you very well indeed.

  3. My brother died 2 months ago from this, 52 years age and so much to live for. My son and I said this year we will give no Christmas presents and give our money to walk for life.

  4. Author

    I’m sorry to hear it, Ann. I’ve lost both parents to cancer, my father was just 51. I hate the disease with a vengeance, it’s personal for me now … and know exactly how you feel. My very real sympathies, and applause for your commitment to the Walk for Life.

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