Walker dies while climbing Barranco de Masca

A 72-year-old man has died while walking in the Barranco de Masca. Emergency services say that they were called out just before 7pm yesterday evening  with reports that an elderly man was attempting to climb up the gorge and could be in need of help. Rescue teams including groups of bomberos and the mountaineering unit of the Guardia Civil started searching the barranco simultaneously from the top and bottom, but sadly, around 10pm, found the man’s body.


  1. this man may have climb down and was hoping to make his way back up, no matter what it is a very sad day for him and his family ,

  2. It was already dark at 7pm, there’s no way I would climb up there in the light of day, never mind in the dark. This sounds very strange as I am sure the trip boats would not have dropped someone off at that time.

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