Walker dies after fall in Masca

Update 6pm: The poor man died on arrival at Hospitén Sur. He is said to have lost his balance in a part of the barranco that was particularly rocky and sustained injuries from which he could not be saved.

Original post 14 January: A 48-year-old walker, said to be a foreigner in Spain, has been transferred to hospital with a serious and open head wound after falling some five metres while hiking in Masca. His rescue shortly after noon today involved a search and rescue helicopter, bomberos and paramedics, and he was flown to Hospiten Sur where he remains seriously ill.


  1. May be Hospiten Sur is not the best place … We hope he will get well very soon .

  2. Author

    It will in all likelihood have been the nearest immediate stop. He might well be transferred elsewhere as appropriate after initial evaluation and treatment.

  3. This poor guy was my former Boss. He was a beloved person living in the Netherlands. Chris we will not forget you!!

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