Walker rescued after falling several metres in Santiago del Teide barranco

Emergency services were in action this morning rescuing a man who had fallen down the barranco de La Saoguera in Santiago del Teide municipio. The Control Room says that they were called out shortly after 9am with reports that the 43-year-old had fallen down a drop of several metres and needed assistance. A search and rescue helicopter was dispatched in addition to land resources, the man being found to have suffered severe multiple injuries. He was winched aboard, flown to TFN, and then taken by ambulance to Candelaria hospital where his condition is said to be serious. The Control Room has released this video of the rescue, which shows how they winch people up to GES helicopters.

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  1. Damned fine piloting! Steady as a proverbial rock!
    Hope the guy makes it back to health.

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