Walking and mountaineering activities in Tenerife

Winner Mountaineering section. Photo: Aray Alonso Melián.

Posted by Mencey

Those who enjoy activities connected with living on a volcano, such as hiking, mountaineering or exploring barrancos might be interested in knowing about FIMT, Federación Insular de Montañismo de Tenerife, who have a website HERE. They seem to be a blanket organisation for other more specific activities which have bewildering Spanish names, all detailed on that link. Obviously designed for residents of Tenerife, so everything in Spanish, although some links appear to have English translations.

One activity which I found interesting is their annual photography competition, which has a winner for the best photo in one of many different activities. This competition takes place each October, and this year’s winning photos are shown in the video below for those of us who prefer to enjoy the incredible beauty of this island without the bother of having to put boots on or run the risk of the ignomy of being returned home on a stretcher by helicopter.