Yellow alert ends tonight as temperatures begin to return to normal values

Update 31 August: The Yellow Alert in Tenerife for temperatures up to 34º ends tonight at 9pm, with a return to values normal for this time of year. Aemet

Update 29 August: Today’s Orange Alert for temperatures up to 38º (though we’ve had 42º at just under 1,000 metres on the west coast) is downgraded from 9pm tonight to Yellow for temperatures up to 36º, 34º at altitude. The alert remains in place for Tuesday as well now, but for temperatures up to 34º. Aemet Monday, Aemet Tuesday

Update 28 August: Aemet has extended the orange alert from the eastern islands to cover Tenerife as well, where temperatures tomorrow are expected to reach 38º throughout the island. The orange alert is active until 9pm tomorrow evening. Winds are also expected to pick up, particularly at mid-altitude and altitude. Looks like the hair-dryer is back. C24H

Update 26 August 11.30pm: The Canarian Government’s General Council for Security and Emergencies  has declared an orange alert for the heatwave in the eastern islands of Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, where temperatures of up to 38º are expected. Tenerife (and La Palma, El Hierro, and La Gomera) remains under Aemet’s yellow alert for temperatures up to 34º, with the alert extended throughout the whole weekend.

While the heatwave lasts, the Tenerife Cabildo has banned mountain activities with immediate effect. This applies to BBQs, agricultural or forestry fires, as well as machinery that could cause sparks. The ban will be effective while adverse weather conditions persist. The Cabildo also asked the public to avoid visiting the mountains over the next several days, and for those who cannot avoid travelling, to use main roads and avoid forest tracks. Everyone is asked to take the utmost precautions to avoid any activity that risks causing a fire in the mountains. C24H, C24H, C24H

Update 26 August: Aemet has now put Tenerife on Yellow alert for a heatwave, and raised the previous yellow alert in the eastern islands to Orange. Temperatures are expected to reach 34º in Tenerife, rising to 38º in Gran Canaria. The alert is currently in place for tomorrow and Friday. C24H

Update 25 August: The warm weather warning issued by Aemet has been extended to Friday, and Proteccion Civil and the Ministry of the Interior says there is a high risk of fires: that risk includes Tenerife as well. In view of the expected warm weather, the authorities have reminded the public to take the usual measures to protect themselves.

Recommendations are:

  • avoid all physical exercise in the open air
  • avoid exposure to the sun and heat where possible
  • drink more water to ensure we are well hydrated and to avoid heatstroke
  • avoid large meals and alcohol, coffee, tea or sugared drinks because they can cause dehydration
  • stay out of the sun between midday and 4pm, when the sun’s rays are almost vertical and radiation at its greatest
  • keep in the shade
  • wear loose fitting, light coloured, natural fibre clothes if going out is unavoidable
  • wear head protection if going out is unavoidable

If you feel any symptoms from the sun, try to cool yourself immediately, whether with a sponge, damp towel or shower, drink water, and if you do not feel better quickly, seek medical help. C24H

Original post 24 August: Aemet has activated a yellow alert for temperatures up to 35º in the eastern islands of Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. The alert, which is activated for between 9am and 7pm on Thursday, does NOT apply to Tenerife, at least not at present, but it will be fair to assume that temperatures here too will rise somewhat, and it’s always possible that the alert will be extended.  C24H

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