Reservoirs now running at less than 10%

Update 27 August: After six heatwaves since January, five of them recently, and without a drop of rain in sight, Tenerife’s reservoirs are now at less than 10% capacity – almost empty, therefore – and the situation is now wreaking havoc for agriculturalists. The Cabildo said that it is pumping some 40,000 cubic metres of water directly into the reservoir network every day, but that even so, it is not enough. Without rain, growers risk losing everything, particularly in the areas most affected, namelyTejina, Valle Guerra and La Perdoma, all three in the general La Laguna-La Orotava area. This is not a situation that is improving, clearly, but the Cabildo insisted that urban supplies are guaranteed.

Original post 1 March: ¬†With the lack of rain we’ve had over the winter so far, reservoirs are at 25% capacity, and water restrictions are likely over the next few months if the dry spell continues. That’s the message from the Tenerife Cabildo, whose CC spokesperson Cristina Valido said that the present situation is “worrying”.

The Cabildo asked the public to take particular care to use water responsibly now, and said that it was looking to other measures including increasing the output of desalination plants, and even buying in water, in case the drought were to continue. The met office Aemet said that this has been one of the dryest winters in the last 40 years, both here and on the mainland.

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