What to do if you see an animal being mistreated

There are frequently stories of animal cruelty in the press and on social networks, with frequent confusion as to the correct course of action. Those who witness abuse can call the local police who are under the jurisdiction of ayuntamientos, so operate on a municipal level. More effectively, however, anyone who witnesses animal mistreatment should call Seprona.

Seprona is the Guardia Civil’s Servicio de Protección de la Naturaleza, so the official police route for environmental issues of any sort, including animal welfare. Just call the central 062 number and explain it’s an animal welfare issue, tell them where you are, where the offence occurred, and they will forward you to the correct local contact. There are frequent rumours that Seprona is only concerned with non-domestic animals. These are incorrect, and the Guardia Civil themselves say that cases of animal mistreatment should be denounced without hesitation to 062.


  1. Thank you Janet, it was about a mistreated animal !, but I am afraid their concept is rather different from ours in general. I actually had a 15 min conversation with him and it was a real eye opener. I hope things begin to change as I have seen very little progress here in the last few years. Perhaps that is because of where I live in the rural north. I shall indeed keep picking up the phone and reporting these cases and keep taking them in as I tend to do when I see they are in real danger. Ie Hunting dogs dumped up here and left to die. It is heart breaking.

  2. Author

    That is not correct and you were misinformed (assuming you rang about a mistreated animal, and not just a dog barking or being a nuisance, in which case the Policía Local are indeed the correct force to call). As it says above, the Guardia Civil’s Seprona unit itself has asked the public to contact them, and HERE is a page on their website about a campaign only last year concerning domestic animals.

  3. I have actually called Seprona as I was concerned about a dog and was told that they only deal with fauna and wildlife not domestic animals ! He told me to call the Local Police !

  4. We have to do ot now!

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