What to do if you see marine life affected by plastic or other waste

There’s an incredible video below of a couple of turtles caught up in fishing wire off the south Tenerife coastline. They were rescued by crew of the Barco Amalfi, members of the conservationist asociación ACEST, who found them effectively tied together in the middle of the sea. Sadly, only one of the turtles survived their ordeal.

ACEST says that once again it has to denounce bad practices which damage the sea and its flora and fauna. Most importantly, they say that if you ever come across a similar situation, call the Tenerife Cabildo’s wildlife rescue centre, La Tahonilla, based in La Laguna. The phone numbers are 922 445 776 and 696 463 760.

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  1. So sad.this needs to be seen on an international scale as I’m sure for every incident detected by chance in the sea like this,100s of thousands are not

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