Whatever the tabloids are saying there are no tests currently for arrivals in Tenerife

***NB This post was last updated 23 October. On 26 October the Canarian Government announced THIS new rule requiring tests for arrivals***

Updated 5pm, 23/10: Here is the British Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott, on the new situation with the Canaries exempt from British no fly advice, and therefore with quarantine lifted on return to the UK. As you will see, there is no mention of tests. The only thing visitors have to do is fill out the locator form … and abide by the rules when here. The three main ones are face masks, distancing, and hygiene. Here’s the ambassador.

Original post 23 October: It appears that the tabloid press in the UK has said that covid tests are required for travellers here. I have now lost count of the enquiries I’ve had about this and so will say here that this is incorrect. I’ll now just link to this post for any future enquiries.

The situation is that before the UK Government took everyone by surprise yesterday and announced that the Canaries would be removed from the no travel advisory list, the Canarian and Spanish authorities have been working on ideas for getting the UK and Germany to restore travel corridors. The idea for tests was part of the attempt to get them to do so, and they have now done so anyway, without a need for tests.

Aena, the airports authority had anyway said that it was not prepared to allow testing centres to be set up in its airports, nor to become responsible for health matters of travellers, and so the Canarian Government has turned to the hotels. It has, after all, been the hospitality sector which has been loudest in its calls for travel corridors to save the winter season. The hotels, however, have also said no to testing.

The Canarian Government, therefore, today and it says for the next few days, will be revising and working through its plan, possibly in the form of proposed legislation, as to what if anything might be done, and what might need to be done, who will be responsible for it … and not least in importance, who’ll pay for it. Until a decision is made, the system remains as I describe HERE, where travellers into the Canaries have to fill out a form in advance, and be heat screened by camera and pass visual inspection … both of which are done without passengers even realising. 

There are no tests, anywhere, of any sort, at any point. At the moment. If this changes, I will update the New Normal post. 


  1. I am guessing that as things stand today, and without any clear indication of how brexit negotiations will finish, if anyone from UK is travelling to Canary Islands for a period which continues past 31/12/2020 then an international driving permit will be required as the EU will no longer accept UK driving licence? Cost is £5.50 available from Post Office (check which ones are able to issue these permits). Take your passport if using paper driving licence, plus a passport sized photograph and of course current driving licence.

    I am not certain of this, but neither can the Driver and Vehicle website give clear guidance – because no one knows what will happen but if you’re in Canaries and suddenly find you need a permit, in order to get one you’d have to come back to UK from what I can understand.

    1. Author

      As things stand, IDPs will be required. Please see HERE. Look at the recent update from the British Embassy in Madrid on 15 October for the latest on driving licences and much else.

  2. They didn’t take our taxi driver by surprise! When we booked our taxi to Manchester airport a week ago he told us it would be announced on Thursday.

    We took it with a pinch of salt but the government emailed me on Thursday night and that allowed us to get insurance that includes covid at the last minute before travelling.

    We couldn’t find one that would do that with FCO advice against when we read the small print. One said they covered Covid-19 but not Sars-cov-2 or any mutations! They are all the same thing.

  3. We should be flying 21st November but decided to cancel, We have booked for March next year x 😊

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