Whiskey and the Traveller Blues Band

Photo credit: Phil Crean
Photo credit: Phil Crean

Spain’s best independent blues band? That’s how Whiskey and the Traveller Blues Band is now known, and apart from being one of the best-known bands in Tenerife are now hoping to be on the verge of even bigger and better things. They’ve hit the ReverbNation charts, which I’m told is the worlds facebook for musicians, and hit the number 1 spot for the whole of Spain.

More immediately for us in Tenerife, their fame brought the well known Alex Altarimano and the purple band down from Santa Cruz to see them at the Los Gigantes Carnival … and to their delight they’ve been asked to put on a concert in Teatro Guimerá and to play along side Alex – not as support act, but as a double bill!

The band hopes that the future will see them go on tour with Alex around the Canary Islands and the mainland, and of course the Teatro Guimerá appearance will put them in the orbit of the Tenerife Cabildo, who they hope will invite them to play more of the large events in Santa Cruz.

The Teatro Guimerá concert is on 25 April. Please click HERE for more information. Tickets are just €5. Good luck, and well done, to Whiskey and the Traveller Blues Band!


  1. Whilst I wish all musicians the best of luck here in Tenerife.

    Please stop “gushing” over this band.

    “The World’s Best independent blues band? ” where did this come from?

    They are relentless self publicists and don’t need any additional trumpet players.

    If you like blues played with little or no feeling then this is the bland blues style is just right for you.

    With so many really great blues , true artists struggling to eat out a living, lets not add some “white man blues outfit” to the pile.

    Anybody who has ever been to USA, ie; Austin, Texas, will know immediately that these clowns are rank beginners, with no feel for blues at all.

    Sorry it’s poor to just acceptable average music people, and certainly nothing close to blues as I understand it.

    Nothing to ever get excited about.

  2. Hello Dave
    Everyone has an opinion about musical taste and you ate entitiled to it
    Whilst we have no control over the 3500 signed up fans the full venues we play every week the 2000+ likes on the whiskey blues radio show and the constant media and press attention we get and the number 1 slot in the Reverbnation charts i can only do my best with the feeling i have for my music
    You are more than welcome to take a trip to us in los gigantes where u can find the band playing every Saturday night pleasung a full venue and bring your guitar for a jam
    Maybe you could then show us and our fans exactly what it is you feel our band is missing
    Or if you tell me where your playing i could come and watch a true artist perform
    I wish you the very best in your musical journey

  3. Author

    Dave, that’s uncalled for. It was my error in using “the world” rather than “Spain”, and “stop gushing” is OTT considering this is the first time I’ve ever mentioned them. The post is there, as are many others, to draw attention to an event that might be of interest to readers. I was asked if I’d put it on, and was happy to. They can’t be such relentless self-publicists because I’d never heard of them!

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