Who guards the guardians?

The Policía Nacional is investigating claims that two Adeje Policia Local officers kept 30 grams of cocaine seized during a search on a couple of youths in the municipality. One of the men, descriibed as Asian, says that the cocaine was “confiscated” from a suitcase in their vehicle in the Costa Adeje on 13 November.

The affair appears to have documentary evidence, to which the El Dia newspaper says it has had access. The story is that of an initial search in which a small quantity of drugs was discovered, then the men being followed and stopped once again by the same police car just before they joined the motorway at which point their boot was opened and the suitcase found – and confiscated at taser point. No sanction was applied at the time, nor it appears, has anything been done subsequently.

The report appears to have generated clear unease among the Police. They won’t be the only ones!

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